How to Write a Press Release Learn 6 tips to writing a stand out press release that conveys messages that will be of interest to your desired audience.

Have you heard of this term? For years I simply called this “leveraging the news cycle” and have earned thousands of media placements for a myriad of my clients. Newsjacking is helping out a journalist by providing them with a rapid response to a story.

The master of ceremonies has finished introducing you, and the audience is waiting. What next? Take these steps before you launch your presentation to maximize the opportunity to captivate an audience.

I’m certain that most people will agree that there are many lessons to be learned in how the 2016 presidential election has played out thus far. But there is one thing for sure that leaders of businesses in any industry can learn. It’s the importance of reputation mana...

Muhammad Ali once quipped that he said he was the greatest before even he knew he was. His chants about being “the greatest of all time”, “The Champ is Here”  and being “A Bad Man” was it all just bravado? Not exactly. 

Perception is Reality

What you tell people the...

Today when consumers need help figuring something out they ‘Google it’ and often times a how-to video on YouTube is one or more of the search results. If you don’t have a how-to video created yet for your business, you might be missing out. How-to videos can be an inva...

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