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We Have an Award-Winning Track Record in Creating Public Relations and Branding 

Campaigns that Deliver a Tangible Commercial Impact for Our Clients.

About SMB Strategic Media 

Our Mission: 

To partner with small businesses who have the least, but need the most opportunities to compete to win and grow their businesses by providing affordable public relations and branding related services to assist them in taking their enterprises to the next level of success. 

Why Choose Us

Working across numerous fields and industries we have one goal – to make our clients famous through compelling storytelling. We create and nurture PR campaigns that are deliberately shareable generate ideas that get people talking, whether on social media, around a water cooler, at events or in a boardroom. Our experts have worked with many well-known household brands and brands that want to be household names, as well as small/mid-size businesses, public figures, celebrity personalities, not-for-profits and government entities.

Our Process

Our journalistic experience and connections enable us to develop PR strategy, raise brand awareness, enhance and protect reputations and deliver influence.  

We work closely with our clients to create and deliver relevant, targeted and influential content-driven PR campaigns which support and add value to broader business objectives. When it comes to branding, we work with clients to deliver visual influence, be it a simple logo design, an animation or an integrated campaign, with execution built on your desired needs.  





Our Promise

We always determine what is important to you and recommend the best plan of action to get you the media and attention that your business deserves. 


We never provide services you don't need and advise you to the best of our ability to provide you with the highest quality service we can offer. 


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Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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