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9 Useful Content Marketing Tips You Need Right Now

Content marketing should be one of the key components of your business strategy, but I recognize it can be difficult to get started. However, I have you covered! Here are my nine best tips to help you focus on content marketing for the best engagement with your customers and clients: 1. Answer probable questions. Be the leading source for information about your products/services. By answering customer questions before they turn to Google for help, you establish yourself as an expert and it minimizes the chance they’ll end up going to your competitors. 2. Sell an idea. Sometimes you don’t need to know about a product to sell it. If you look at ads for Apple or GoDaddy, sometimes they don’t even show the product. Instead they focus on selling a feeling or experience. 3. Create videos. What is your company the best in the world at? What expertise can you share with clients or customers that they may not know? Consider creating how-to videos that will increase web traffic, improve your search result by posting them to sites like YouTube and improve your company’s brand recognition and reputation. 4. Schedule regular media events. Form a greater connection with your clients by offering them a live podcast or webinar. Schedule the event in advance and promote the event via an online registration process that allows you to track and capture each registrant’s details. By capturing registration information you can use the info to market to them later. 5. Strengthen your URL. Optimize your blog’s URL by removing long sequences of letters and numbers and including relevant keywords or a phrase that people will remember. This will give your clients and idea of your business while also making a more attractive website. 6. Understand your audience. Catering to your ideal target audiences will lead to optimal results. It doesn’t do you any favors to use generic content marketing designed to attract clients of demographics. Understand your customer and form your marketing around what they can relate to. 7. Be Evergreen. When creating content, hone your language so that it will be as relevant years from now as it is today. Making your content evergreen makes it highly shareable and continuously relevant. 8. Recycle content. Spare yourself from constantly needing to create new content by reusing some of your old material. Recycle great information like statistics and important talking points into new tweets and graphics. Find ways to repurpose your content in at least four ways without sacrificing your time and resources. 9. Prioritize marketing ahead of development. Conduct your due diligence and plan your marketing strategy before you introduce your next product or service. Make sure there’s a market worth selling to first so you don’t end up wasting time and money producing something people aren’t interested in buying. Mastering these content marketing tips will put you well on your way to gaining a return on your marketing investment. It’s essential to be genuine and relatable in your messages. In other words, make sure your content marketing represents your brand message, purpose and image. Your customers and clients will appreciate doing business with a company that is real, knowledgeable and understands their needs. (Co-written by Matthew Gilbert)

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