8 Simple Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Dig into these tips to gain a competitive edge: Network with like-minded people – the connections are invaluable. They could end up being customers, followers, referral sources readers or sponsors. Of course treat absolutely everyone with respect and grace. If you have the ability and bandwidth you can sponsor and event for a local charity. Consider the simply offering door prizes for events. Negotiate what you get in return for your sponsorship. Ask for banner ads on their website for a set period of time. Use social media. there are so many options for social media and if you try to create a huge presence in all, you will crash and burn. Pick a few that you feel you can do well – and do

3 Rewarding Characteristics Every Small Business Leader Should Consider

Running a business is no picnic. It’s an uphill battle that demands a lot of hard work and commitment. But to really get your business to grow and thrive, that hard work simply won’t be enough. It’s important to understand the need to take calculated risks for your business. I know that can be intimidating, so I have compiled a list of the best high-yielding risks small businesses can take directly from renowned business management experts. 1. Embrace Innovation. In many organizations, innovation is stymied by excessive loyalty to the old products and to the old way of doing things. Business management guru Peter Drucker said it best, “Most companies hang on to the business they have and are

Top 4 Branding Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Branding can be elusive for some small business owners. It is important to understand what it really is so you can leverage it. Take these quick tips to heart and if you need further assistance in your branding, reach out to me to learn how YOU can harness the power of branding. 1. Understand What Branding Really Is First, it’s important to understand that your brand is much more than your logo, merchandising or products. It is the sum total of the experiences your customers have with your business. This includes visuals, as well as what you do, how you do it, customer service and your marketing messages. All these elements help establish the trust and credibility of your business. 2. Distin

“Wise” Lessons Learned from the Visionary Behind the Tupperware Party!

March is Women’s History Month. Ordinarily what would follow is the proud history of a famous or well-known woman who paved the way for countless others in her field and a cheerful reminder of the equal share of credit women have in developing the modern world. But instead, let’s center on Brownie Wise (yes, this was her real name), a not so famous woman who undeniably revolutionized an important consumer brand we all know today as Tupperware! One reason Wise might not be a household name like Marie Curie, Shirley Chisholm or Susan B. Anthony is that Wise was not the inventor of the iconic container. Her skills were instead in the area business development, more specifically multi-level mark

Six Tech Startup Characteristics that Can Transform YOUR Business

When you have earned the breadth of experience as I have from providing PR and marketing services to various industries, it is easy to recognize certain patterns amongst successful businesses. In today’s world of mega start-up brands, there are some valuable nuggets of success that almost any type of business can implement. Here are some of the ways you can transform your business by taking a page out of tech startups’ business and marketing strategies: 1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Startups develop not with a product or service to offer, but often when someone wants to improve upon what is available. If your product/service comes out of a necessity rather than an individual i

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