How To Clear a Roadblock to Your Success

There is no more true statement than this: the biggest risks come with the greatest rewards and those rewards are often presented in the experiences and memories that are fashioned along the way. We can all think back to a time (probably in our younger years) when we took major risks; we pursued a romantic interest or challenged an authority figure. Those experiences shaped you as a person; they helped you grow despite the outcomes. This is also true in business. Come to terms that you just might fail. Understand and accept the worst-case scenario. Then move on with that knowledge; use it as a catalyst that propels you to do your best work. Above all else, “Fail Forward.” The Reluctant Entre

The Best Way to Make More Money

Y ears of interacting with small business owners brought me to some simple, but significant conclusions. I watched the same mistakes being made over and over again. I saw seemingly popular companies close their doors for the last time. And I observed other companies skyrocket for no apparent reason. What I have learned is that the strategies for success were not unique to one industry, company, or business owner. Success was determined by the use of predictable, repeatable, simple actions. But not just any actions--the right actions. Once small business owners learned what they could do with their companies, they began writing a completely different story for themselves. Gone was the “pain

Five Ways to Boost Your Networking Skills and Confidence

Networking is an ESSENTIAL part of personal, freelance or small business marketing, but for many people it can be a real challenge. For some, even the word ‘networking’ evokes feelings of fear, self-doubt and has them wanting to run for the hills. But if you want to get ahead, you do need to get out there, overcome your fears and be confident in selling yourself, your products or services. Networking opportunities are always ripe for the picking, now is the perfect time to brush up on your skills, and give your confidence a boost. 1. Know how to introduce yourself. Have an idea about how you’re going to introduce yourself to people. Know how to talk about your products or services succinctl

Is FEAR Killing Your Business?

Does the thought of commitment make you shake inside? For example, when you hire a new contractor or when you give someone responsibility for something important, does it raise major fears inside you? Do you obsess on whether your new business relationship will be successful or not, or whether they deserve the responsibility in the first place? Do you worry whether you will lose or waste your money? If so, you may be looking for the perfect partner and be unable to accept that that your partner is what you need to move your business forward. But when you decide to empower the exact partner or service that your you need, you have to commit to the process in the real world— the imperfect world

Try This Formula for Success

“Success” means different things to different people, and so no single formula would seem guaranteed to help everyone achieve it. But whatever your goal, certain general principles can guide you there. Here’s a quick list of elements every success plan should include: • Vision. This isn’t so much the “what” (though that’s important) as the “why.” Be clear on the value of your objective, and you’ll be able to commit to it fully. • Knowledge. Do your homework. Start by admitting what you don’t know;identify how you can get the knowledge you need, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. • Planning. Take a step-by-step approach. You can’t become a top CEO in a day, for instance, so clarify exactly

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