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Is FEAR Killing Your Business?

Does the thought of commitment make you shake inside? For example, when you hire a new contractor or when you give someone responsibility for something important, does it raise major fears inside you? Do you obsess on whether your new business relationship will be successful or not, or whether they deserve the responsibility in the first place? Do you worry whether you will lose or waste your money?

If so, you may be looking for the perfect partner and be unable to accept that that your partner is what you need to move your business forward. But when you decide to empower the exact partner or service that your you need, you have to commit to the process in the real world— the imperfect world where people make mistakes, fail, learn and grow. When you are ready to commit to this kind of relationship, amazing things begin to happen.

Just Let Go Once you give up your rigid ideas about the world, and learn to deal with it—and even like it the way it is, with all its flaws—you will experience the world in a new way. Accepting strategic business partners and the world the way they are might sound like you are giving up on working on improving things, but that’s not my point. Instead, you gather strength by giving up the pose of the pessimistic idealist. It also means giving up the notion that OTHER people are not enough the way they are, and that the world is not enough the way it is. You still work to make improvements, but you let go of the need to be pessimist to a fault.

In David Nour’s book, “Relationship Economics “he shares, “Exchanging relationship currency is how you bridge the gap between the trusted relationships you currently have and the influential relationships you need. It’s most simple definition is a gift of time, talent, knowledge or an influential relationship that is exchanged between individuals with the intent of adding quantifiable value. As you rekindle old relationships or seed new ones, your key goal should always be to uncover what is important to each person in the relationship so that you can make an appropriate deposit of relationship currency.”

Letting go of your fears you may have today will allow you to take the necessary steps to increasing your net worth tomorrow. Suggested Reading:

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