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8 Simple Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Dig into these tips to gain a competitive edge:

  • Network with like-minded people – the connections are invaluable. They could end up being customers, followers, referral sources readers or sponsors. Of course treat absolutely everyone with respect and grace.

  • If you have the ability and bandwidth you can sponsor and event for a local charity. Consider the simply offering door prizes for events. Negotiate what you get in return for your sponsorship. Ask for banner ads on their website for a set period of time.

  • Use social media. there are so many options for social media and if you try to create a huge presence in all, you will crash and burn. Pick a few that you feel you can do well – and do them well. For example – I stick mostly to Twitter. Occasionally, I will work with Youtube and Periscope. Seek help from a professional to develop a social media strategy, click here to learn more.

  • Build an ongoing email list. You want to be able to reach potential connections; don’t wait for them to come to you. Reach out to your list often with targeted information.

  • Become a public speaker or host some community classes. This is really two separate skills but I am putting them together because they involve a level of comfort getting up in front of people and persuading them to partner with you.

  • Find a mentor – if you are new, find a mentor. We all started somewhere and most people are willing to share their expertise if someone is truly going to appreciate it and put true effort into their goals.

  • Start a blog – unless of course your blog is your “product.” A blog offers a personal approach to your business and nowadays people have come to expect that personal touch.

  • Create an explainer video. they may come to your site or blog, but how do you keep them there? Grab their attention with an explainer video - you can use an app on iPad called Adobe Spark Video.

If you’re still struggling to market your business on your own, consider seeking help today! Give me a call and let's chat about the possibilities. - Shakira M. Brown, Managing Principal, SMB Strategic Media 1-888-436-0033.

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