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Six Tech Startup Characteristics that Can Transform YOUR Business

When you have earned the breadth of experience as I have from providing PR and marketing services to various industries, it is easy to recognize certain patterns amongst successful businesses. In today’s world of mega start-up brands, there are some valuable nuggets of success that almost any type of business can implement. Here are some of the ways you can transform your business by taking a page out of tech startups’ business and marketing strategies: 1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Startups develop not with a product or service to offer, but often when someone wants to improve upon what is available. If your product/service comes out of a necessity rather than an individual idea and then grows itself, it will have a better chance of being a real, workable business. 2. Mass appeal. Odds are you won't be the only one to have the problem you're addressing. So if you needed the product or service you're marketing, others will likely need it too. Being the first to solve a common problem is an invaluable way to ensure small business growth and success. 3. Stories sell. Whether positive or negative, businesses are transformed by experience, and every one has a story. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ultimate storytellers. They've surmounted obstacles, faced disappointment, tasted victory and fought through punishing odds to carve their own place in their field. All of these make for an engaging story to tell your customers/clients and gain their respect and admiration. 4. Social entrepreneurs. Most tech startups are seeking to make a profit, but they often share the determination and focus that is typically found in a nonprofit setting. These companies are passionate about a belief and passing that belief on to the customer/client will spur their engagement and care for the brand. 5. Relentless risk takers. Growing a business is never without its own share of risk. Many startup founders have had to rise above their own apprehension of defeat, rejection or even being outmoded. Failure is an unfortunate part of life, but they won't quit. Instead, they'll learn by failing forward and update their strategy to succeed next time. 6. Unwavering Focus. Running a business can be a frightening and uncertain ride at times, but determined leaders won't be easily distracted from their consequential goals. The strongest leaders will know what the goal is and do everything they can to make it a reality. If you are seeking away to optimize your business performance and marketing message consider the above techniques. Keep these in mind as you work to grow your brand to succeed, thrive and meet your financial goals. (Co-written by Matthew Gilbert)

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