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One of the Best Ways to Nurture Your Twitter Following

As a social media management professional, I am always looking for more tools to help me be more effective for my clients and/or help me market my services. And I definitely can say that managing other people’s Twitter accounts have put my efforts to advance one of my many profiles (@SmallBizWhisper) on the sidelines until I discovered Social Quant.

I was preparing for a speaking engagement and I was spending a great deal of time looking for cutting edge social media apps and tools to talk about. I found several retweets regarding Social Quant’s capabilities to grow a customized Twitter following. Now this is totally different from those so-called services heavily spam direct messaging that they can get you 20,000 followers for $40. If you know anything about those services they may get you the promised followers, but they won’t be the audience you desire (think profiles in foreign languages you can’t read or worse).

So I clicked through to one of those retweets and read an article posted by a satisfied Social Quant user, which mentioned a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and I was sold. Anyone who knows me understands that I love a good freebie. So I signed up for my free trial right away and it was simple.

Once I signed up, I watched the introductory video on how to get started and I was ready to effectively grow my Twitter following for my @SmallBizWhisper profile. is so easy to use! It’s all based on keywords (think of it as Twitter follower optimization). If you know your target audience (and you should) – you can come up with an exhaustive list of keywords very quickly. You submit your keyword list and the folks at Social Quant do the rest. Before you know it you start seeing extremely high quality followers. The 14-day free trial results are amazing! My profile was somewhere near 275 followers when I started the free trial and by the time it was over I had about 800 desirable Twitter followers! I am not good at math (hey that is why I am in the media business), but that is amazing growth. Plus my engagement increased! I am getting more favorites and retweets than ever before. Now as a paid subscriber my account continues to grow daily.

If you are curious just setup your 14-day free trial at It’s totally free – no credit card is required so if you decide not to signup for the service – the trial just stops. It’s a very generous trial for you to get the full effect of the tool and it will probably quickly turn you into a satisfied Social Quant customer like me. Give it a try and please post comments below regarding your experience.

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