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7 Tips for Sending Eye-Catching E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

I recognize that developing a compelling email newsletter program for your business can be challenging and time consuming for you as a small business owner. It is also one of the most vital components of a marketing strategy that can help you attract new clients and/or nurture existing ones. Here are my seven tips for sending an eye-catching e-newsletter with style that your subscribers will find insightful as well as enjoy. 1. Lay out your objectives. What do you want your newsletter to do? Is it there to spread the word about your site? Does it advertise your latest products and/or services? Are you trying to enlighten your readers? Clearly define your objective(s) before you even begin to come up with your newsletter’s outline and let it be the driving force behind everything that goes into it. 2. Have a catchy subject line. A vast list of e-newsletter subscribers doesn’t guarantee readership. Give your readers a reason to open your newsletter. I find the best way to do this is to get the imagination flowing and create an original clever, eye-grabbing phrase for every issue that will immediately draw the reader’s attention. 3. Begin with your header. A header should be simple with your newsletter title, company name and/or logo. No need to seek out a professional graphic designer! Beautiful, crisp, professional headers can be easily made from home with inexpensive online resources like . Your logo should influence your header’s color template. Consider using your company colors for the borders etc. to give an appearance of brand consistency. 4. Fonts - Keep it simple! It can always be tempting to play with nontraditional fonts to make your publication stick out above the rest. But consistently sticking with a simple, easy to read font will make your newsletter far more inviting to the reader. However you can take more liberties with fonts in banners and graphics. 5. Stay organized. Studies have shown that readers are quickly turned off by long stories in e-newsletters. You can prevent this by simplifying your content into short sections and subheads the way a newspaper does. Another idea is to display half of your article in your newsletter with a link to the entire article on your website or blog. 6. Integrate social media. Link your e-newsletter to social media profiles that you regularly update so clients both new and old can follow you and your business on any social media platform they choose. 7. Distribute content evenly. Your e-newsletter recipients want something they can learn from, not just buy from. Avoid too much self-promotion and keep the bulk of your content educational. Remember, today’s most effective marketing strategy is to give something away (such as helpful tips) to get something back (your reader’s business). E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to nurture your list of prospective and existing clients, so be sure to optimize design and create content that inspires to generate a great reputation for your business.

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- Co-Written by Matthew Gilbert Sources: Blog

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