Keep a Steady Flow of Content by Effectively Brainstorming

Brainstorming can generate a lot of quality ideas in a short span of time. Even if you are a solopreneur - tapping into the minds of others can offer you so many ideas for future content. One effective way to brainstorm would be to bring together individuals from all walks of life/nationalities/age/jobs/lifestyle choice, etc. Belong to a networking group? Maybe reach out to some of your fellow members and ask them what you are interested. But if you have employees - well the world is your oyster.

Let's face it ideas are all around us. Focus often all you need to to find them, and sometimes we need to let go a little. These tactics should help you and your team find your best ideas.

Content Marketing Brainstorming

1. Find Your Sacred Space - comfort is key 2. Gather Your Tribe - different experts make for more interesting sessions 3. Nourish the Souls - rainbow-colored foods can boost creativity 4. Say Yes - don't turn down all the ideas, you never know when lightening will strike! 5. Keep it on Record - jot down all ideas on a board for all to see, it may spark a new idea 6. Take a Break - get the team involved with a 5 min exercise routine or talk a walk outdoors

7. Consider Repurposing Content - Do read a blog or website associated with clients' or customers' industry? If so, this is a treasure trove of content for your own email marketing campaign. Share the latest and greatest info via your blog or email newsletter to position your business as one that is all knowing.

8. Ask your audience - Did you know that your very list of contacts is filled with people who want to know about something that you may know? The next time you chat with your customers ask them what they are curious about - it could be the context of your next newsletter.

Content Development Made Easy

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