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Helping Travel Pros Tap into Their Creativity

I am Texas Bound once again! I am pleased to announce that I'm among the invited distinguished speakers during 33rd Annual Texas Travel Summit 33rd September 24-26, 2018 on Galveston Island ( The Texas Travel Summit is the largest annual gathering of travel and tourism industry decision makers from all sectors across the state that offers three intensive, impactful professional education days with renowned leading innovators in the industry. The event is organized by The Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA), an umbrella organization and advocate for the travel industry in Texas that offers a variety of member-driven public policy initiatives, business networking opportunities, marketing programs, and educational offerings all to help its members and support over one million tourism jobs in the state.

I was in Texas back in February for a speaking engagement inspiring he HBCU students interested in communications careers. Now I am returning to the Texas Travel Summit which gathers over 500 professionals for one jam-packed event to industry pros optimize their performance. I am honored that TTIA has invited me to speak so that I can lend my expertise on communications and innovation to encourage its members to reach their annual goals.

I will help kick off the Summit by leading a Marketing Track breakout session on Sept. 24 at 3:10pm CT titled, “Tapping into Creative Thinking and Innovation to Reach Your Annual Goals,” developed to help travel industry pros in Texas remain competitive in order to manage constant industry disruption. My presentation is designed to guide attendees through the process of tapping into their ability to recognize and hone their creative potential. I will advise on techniques to increase their individual creativity to generate solutions to business challenges and achieve the results they want.

Creativity and innovative thinking are necessary in a world where companies like AirBnB and are making it so easy for travelers to save money and stay in private homes instead of posh hotels. Technology such as virtual reality can be experienced anywhere which threatens traditional theme parks. Now is the time for travel industry pros to embrace free thinking to remain competitive and relevant.

To learn more about where I am speaking visit:

To learn more about the Texas Travel Summit visit:

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